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lower acquisition costs, higher conversion rates.

Reactive is an internet shopping network that plays on the sites and apps where your customers hang out.

Taylor Purcell, M.M Lafleur, Senior Retail ManagerWhen we started using Reactive, we saw sales increase significantly.
Taylor Purcell, M.M Lafleur, Senior Retail Manager
David Weiss, Zippy Balisong, FounderReactive enabled me to sell 70% of my inventory in under 48 hours, with a conversion rate of 3.58%.
David Weiss, Zippy Balisong, Founder
Lance Marks, Co-founder, O.schoolSuper easy installation, user friendly and helps demonstrate our products to visitors. Highly recommend!
Lance Marks, Co-founder,

What is Reactive?

Reactive drives sales by creating shoppable live events and videos that we broadcast on our network of publisher sites and apps; like a television shopping channel that plays all over the internet.

Extend your reach and acquire new customers.

Reactive produces shoppable live events and videos for your products and promotions. We broadcast the events and videos on our network of relevant publisher sites and vistors on those sites are pushed directly to checkout on your site through our app.

Interactive and engaging experiences engineered to convert.

The Reactive app shows up automatically on partner sites, articles and apps where customers can react, chat and receive exclusive offers. Our gamified sales experience inspires viewers to buy and pushes them directly to checkout on your site.

Build human connection while simplifying the buying experience.

Interactive videos capture and keep customer attention, boosting engagement and building trust. Meanwhile, exclusive, in-app offers create a sense of urgency, driving immediate sales.

Appearing on top websites in your niche provides you with an audience that's ready to buy and reduces your purchase funnel to a single click to checkout.

Instant and effortless creative that actually converts.

Advertise without production costs. Reactive will instantly turn your best social media assets into interactive, shoppable brand experiences . Or if you want to sell live, we will produce a high quality show that you can reuse and replay!

Track actual sales and use the data to supercharge your business.

You spends loads of your marketing budget on influencer marketing and digital ads, but you are left with a fuzzy picture of how well they increase sales at BEST. Reactive is able to conclusively track each sale and provide you with the insight you dream of to measure success and optimize marketing efforts.

Get started in seconds.

Reactive's Shopify app makes is easy to get up and running in no time. Your inventory is automatically synced and there are no developers needed.

How it works


Reactive produces shoppable content

We work with your existing content or create new content for a live event or shoppable video with our in-house production team.


Reactive distributes your content

We broadcast your events and videos on our network of publisher sites that to an audience that is relevant to your products and brand. We find the best places where you customers like to hangout.


Customers go straight to checkout

Visitors all over the internet interact with your content and then are pushed directly to checkout on your site through the “Buy Now” button in the Reactive app. They can choose which products and options, like color and size, they want through the app.


Collect actionable data

All of your Reactive content offers the opportunity to collect customer emails, product feedback, and attribution data to improve performance for your marketing, sales and product teams.

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Ways we can work with you

1. We pull the content from your socials

Your ad spend + 20% service fee

2. We create the content

Your ad spend + 20% service fee

$1.5K content creation fee

3. We work with your marketing agency

$3.50 CPM

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