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95% of your website visitors won't convert. Reactive makes it easy to turn visitors into customers on your e-commerce store through onsite live streamed shopping events and shoppable videos.

Taylor Purcell, M.M Lafleur, Senior Retail ManagerWhen we started using Reactive, we saw sales increase significantly.
Taylor Purcell, M.M Lafleur, Senior Retail Manager
David Weiss, Zippy Balisong, FounderReactive enabled me to sell 70% of my inventory in under 48 hours, with a conversion rate of 3.58%.
David Weiss, Zippy Balisong, Founder
Lance Marks, Co-founder, O.schoolSuper easy installation, user friendly and helps demonstrate our products to visitors. Highly recommend!
Lance Marks, Co-founder,

Amplify your sales with influencer marketing campaigns on your store

Influencer marketing is an effective marketing strategy, but it's designed to increase brand awareness. Reactive allows influencers to help where it matters most; driving sales conversion on your website, not growing their social media accounts.

Gamified sales tools designed to acquire customers in the moment

Performance and influencer marketing works, but they require significant budgets and time for success. Reactive offers a FOMO-designed suite of sales tools built to drive sales instantly for brands.

Repeatable, interactive live events to continually drive sales

Reactive frees you from the content creation treadmill. Every live event is repeatable and fully interactive so you can maximize efforts to drive sales.

Track sales and promotions in real time

Whether search, social media, affiliate or influencer marketing, attribution has always been more difficult than it should be. With Reactive's robust analytics you can directly attribute sales to live events, collect customer feedback, and capture emails for your marketing efforts.

Tell your story your way

On social media platforms, your brand must adhere to their rules and restrictions because they are built to maximize app usage, not revenue generation for their users. Reactive encourages you to tell your story and reach your business goals in your own way, regardless of industry, company size, or budget.

Set up Reactive in as few as 90 seconds.

Most sales and marketing software requires developers to get things up and running. Reactive is a single-click setup with no coding or engineers required.

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How it works


Promote your event

Use your email list, social media accounts and even a small paid campaign to promote your live selling event. If working with an influencer, have them promote your live selling event to their followers.


Go live on your website

Whether in-house or in partnership with an influencer, use the Reactive producer app to launch a live streamed shopping event for website visitors designed to entertain and drive sales.


Replay the event

Every live event is repeatable and fully interactive so you can replay the event on your entire website or specific product pages to drive more sales.


Collect actionable data

Every live event offers the opportunity to collect customer emails, product feedback, and attribution data to improve performance for your marketing, sales and product teams.

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How is Reactive better than other live video shopping tools?

Clearly we believe we have built the best platform to lead the live shopping industry and help transform the way companies interact with consumers online, so here are just 3 reasons why:

  1. Most of our competitors are either individual companies that allow you to sell your products on their independent platforms (NTWRK, Whatnot) or they are integrated into other social media apps (Facebook, Instagram). Our solution integrates natively on your website so you own the entire customer journey and its data.
  2. Our proprietary technology offers the highest quality of streaming capability with a full suite of sales tools to accelerate purchase decisions.
  3. Our pricing is simple and fair. Other companies have a significant high monthly cost or they take a percentage of your sales. We charge $99 per month and usage costs for the number of viewers per streamed hour. We are priced to encourage you to stream as often as you'd like.

What kind of camera and microphone do I need?

If you think live shopping requires significant investment in video equipment to get started, you are mistaken. On the contrary, your modern smartphone shoots at the same video quality as most high-end DSLR cameras. To start, you just need your smartphone and a quiet and well-lit room. Other items of minimal cost that will upgrade production are a ring light, tripod and lavalier mic.

If you want to upgrade the quality of your live shopping event and look into video equipment, multi-camera setups, and lenses, please contact us and we would be happy to make suggestions.

Remember that audience engagement and how you present your brand will always outperform a fancy production rig.

Do we need big budgets to host live shopping events?

Nope! Reactive was created to make it simple to instantly connect with your website visitors. It's a simple embed that broadcasts your video stream live on your website. Successful live events don't require renting a production studio, purchasing high-end video gear, or hiring top-tier influencers. They require authentic presentation of your brand and a willingness to sell to your site visitors like you would if you met them on the retail floor.

Please watch this short video of M.M. Lafleur's collection drop to see how elegant and simple their production was.

Do you have influencers that can host our live events?

Indeed we do! Reactive has created an influencer network of approved partners with experience live selling for brands. We can happily pair you with an influencer free of charge.

Please visit our Influencer Network page for more information.

Can Reactive help plan and run our live events?

Absolutely! We offer Reactive Pro, our in-house full-service agency. With Reactive Pro, our experienced live selling experts will coordinate your entire event to ensure that your company offers an amazing customer experience that generates real revenue.

Visit Reactive Pro for more information.

What happens if we make mistakes during live shows?

We say, “welcome to live TV!” In all seriousness, remember that a viewer is watching your live streamed event because they want an immersive unique shopping experience. They expect to see pauses, snafus and improvised banter. If they wanted an edited video to watch, they'd check out your Instagram reels. You're selling authentic customer interaction, not a stuffy sales pitch!

Do I need to invest a lot of time and energy in creating live shows?

This is hard to answer because it depends on what you consider to be a lot of time and energy. What we can tell you is that unlike other marketing channels or marketing software products, you will instantly see whether live shopping is a valuable channel for your brand.

If time is a concern, we offer Reactive Pro, our in-house full-service agency that is happy to handle all of your live shopping needs.

How frequently should I run live events?

As often as you would like! We encourage you to run live events monthly to get the full ROI of your monthly subscription, but we have customers that stream as frequently as weekly to whenever they have a product showcase, launch or drop to promote.

Can I record my live event for later use?

Reactive does this automatically for you. Every live streamed event is recorded and can be used later on your website to extend sales opportunities. Some customers re-run their live events all weekend during a promotional event and others use them to increase sales conversion on product pages.

Other live selling software companies take a percentage of our sales as payment. Does Reactive do the same?

We do not! In fact, it was a critical decision we made for our business. While we understand why other software companies use that revenue model, we believe it inhibits customers from streaming frequently.

Reactive charges just $99 per month and a $0.005 per viewer minute. Please visit our Pricing Plans page for more information.

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