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In-app live selling versus on-site live selling

Why is live selling on your website so great?

Veteran Popshop Live, NTWRK, and Whatnot live seller Mindzai jumped at the chance to use Reactive to sell live on their website for their limited product releases and sales. While they had success on these apps, they wanted the control and customization that could only be offered on their own website.

Why is selling on your site better than in an app?

  • No attrition costs from getting your users to install someone else's app.
  • You skip the attention competition of retaining viewers due to all the other brands streaming in the same app you are selling on.
  • You own the data and insights from the experience.
  • Reactive allows you to replay the live event as an interactive, shoppable, experience so you can increase conversion throughout your entire promotion, not just when you’re live.

Owning the live shopping experience allows you to reduce your attrition costs, increase your conversion, and retain the data critical to your business's success.

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