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Reactive Releases Sharing Tools

As an emerging software company, one of Reactive’s core objectives is to always be improving the product and expanding its applications. Whether it’s enhancing the quality of our streams or adding new sales components, Reactive is thousands times better than it was two years ago and it continues to improve consistently. Per our product road map and feedback from users, one feature we have been excited to build and release are sharing tools for our customers.

Why are these sharing tools important? At our core, Reactive is sales and marketing software to help convert more of your web traffic into paid customers. These sharing tools will allow our customers to take all of the shoppable video content they make and distribute them across every channel their brands operate within. This includes:

  1. Social Media Platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Twitter for both the merchant and their customers.
  2. Email Marketing Software.
  3. SMS Marketing Software.
  4. On your products packaging and physical marketing materials.

This expands the top of the funnel for our customers to reach potential customers outside of their network. It also increases the ROI for content created using Reactive. Now you can share shoppable videos in your email campaigns, your SMS campaigns and on all of your social media accounts.

How do our sharing features work?

Every live event and shoppable video made by merchants on Reactive now has a shoppable video landing page. It looks like this:

Share landing page

Pretty cool right? This now allows merchants to drive sales online without potential customers having to come directly to their website.

There are six ways in which Reactive content can be shared by customers:

1. Social Media

Since most ecommerce companies rely heavily on social media for content distribution, we made sure that content can be shared through most social media platforms. Direct sharing is available for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • LinkedIn

As an even more special feature, Reactive offers even more functionality on Twitter. When Reactive content is shared on Twitter, your customers will be able to shop directly from the tweet! The entire tweet is fully interactive within itself, which eliminates a consumer being sent to a browser or other app.

Twitter embedded widget

2. Email

Reactive customers can now embed their shoppable videos directly into their email marketing campaigns. Whether you use Mailchimp, Klaviyo, ConvertKit, or another email service provider (ESP), merchants can use this to optimize sales, promotions and product announcements. These features will instantly increase open and clickthrough rates, and that will convert more sales with every campaign

Email sharing embed

3. SMS

With this sharing tool, merchants can launch text marketing campaigns to send customers directly to the shoppable video landing page. There you can offer special promotions or drive them to their abandoned cart. Want to run a weekend promotion? You can launch a Friday text campaign sending your contact list to a shoppable video with a trackable and limited discount offer.

SMS unfurl

4. Sharable link

When utilizing this sharing tool, Reactive merchants can directly share links in posts, direct messages, or comments. This allows for brands to engage customers in the multitude of ways that social media platforms offer.

5. QR code

This is a fun way to experiment with experiential marketing. Reactive merchants can place QR codes directly on product packaging or other physical marketing materials. When scanning that code, customers are taken to a video landing page that can offer supplementary content for either entertainment or education. As an example, a merchant selling men's leather dress boots can use the QR code on their packaging to direct purchasers to a video explaining how to care for the boots while selling them the products to do so.

QR code

6. Customer sharing

Our new sharing tools aren’t just for the businesses we work with. They’re also able to be utilized by customers. Now, a satisfied customer can share your shoppable content on social media platforms or via text.

Customer sharing UI

Reactive was built to help brands and other ecommerce companies succeed in this new era of online shopping. Whether launching live shopping events on your website or taking your social content and making it shoppable, Reactive is the bridge between what consumers want to see and what companies want to sell. These new sharing tools magnify that impact and offer a comprehensive way to engage with today’s online shoppers in a fun and easy way.

If you are interested in bringing a live selling experience to your website, check out Reactive. Start your free trial now, or contact to request a live demo.

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