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Does Reactive support add-to-cart?

Reactive allows customers to add items to their Reactive cart and easily check out no matter where they are viewing your content. However, the Reactive app does not add items directly to the cart on your Shopify store. The Reactive cart is contained within the shoppable video so the shopping experience goes uninterrupted and so that all offers and discounts can be applied from anywhere, with no issues.

How it works

  1. When you showcase a product or a collection, a customer can either add the item to the cart or “buy now” which takes them directly to checkout.Add or buy now
  2. When item(s) are added to the cart, the customer can either check out or continue watching.Check out or continue watching
  3. A customer can check out by viewing their cart at any time.View cart and check out

Note: If the customer does not check out from the stream before the end of a live show, they will lose out on all Reactive discounts and offers.

How to Enable add to cart for a live event

  1. Create a new live event but clicking “Create new” and then selecting “Live selling event on your site”.Create new live event
  2. Before going live, click on “Settings” in the top right corner and scroll to the “Purchase Flow” section.Go to settings
  3. Select “Add to cart” and click “Save and restart”. This will generate a new “stream key” so make sure to input/update this key in whatever streaming software you use to broadcast.Select add-to-cart and save

How to Enable Add to cart for replayable events or uploaded content

  1. On the Reactive Home screen, select the content that you want to configure to use add-to-cart.Select content
  2. Visit the “Settings” tab in the side menu and scroll to the “Purchase Flow”section. Go to settings
  3. Select “Add to cart” and click “Save”. Select add-to-cart and save

Now, no matter where you embed the Reactive video, customers will be able to build a cart and check out with the items showcased in your shoppable video.

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