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Can I stream simultaneously on Reactive and other Platforms like Facebook live or Twitch?

Yes, you can use external tools like to simultaneously go live with Reactive and other platforms like Facebook Live, Twitch, Youtube and more.

To do this:

  1. Start a Reactive stream in your Shopify Admin.

  2. Log into Reastream and click "+ Add Channel".Click add channel

  3. Then click "Custom RTMP".Click custom RTMP

  4. Paste in your Reactive Stream Url and Server URL into the custom RTMP form in Restream.Configure custom RTMP

  5. Now start a stream in Restream and add your custom RMTP as a destination. You should see your stream playing through Reactive as well as any other destiniations you added for the stream.Start stream and add custom RTMP as destination

You will still need to use our Content Producer view to utilize our suite of conversion tools like Product Showcase, Chat, Gift with Purchase, and Polls.

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