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How do I allow influencers to use Reactive on my site?

A fantastic way to utilize Reactive is to coordinate your current influencer marketing partnerships and invite those creators to bring their audience to your website and stream live to your Shopify store using Reactive.

Below are simple steps that make that possible.

  1. Log in to your Shopify Partners admin portal.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Select Users and permissions.

  4. Identify Staff section of this dashboard to make sure you have room to add temporary staff access to your Shopify Partners account.

  5. Select Add Staff.

  6. Fill in relevant information, including their email.

  7. Select the Reactive app under Apps and Channels. Click to give them access to the Reactive app already added to your store.

  8. Select “Send invite”.

For detailed information and steps about this process, please refer to the Shopify links below:

Shopify - Create and Manage Staff Accounts

Shopify - Restrict Staff Permissions

Note: Make sure your creator has downloaded Open Broadcaster Software so that they can stream within Reactive to your website.

OBS Website

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