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How to drive traffic to you live shopping show?

  1. Do you as a brand have any organic sources of traffic? Sure you do!
    And you probably have:
    a) a website that consumers visit
    b) various social media channels that you use often and that have a following
    c) a consumers’ database

Fab! 💡 Start there. Market your live shopping show in the channels you have (website, socials, email, sms, EVERYTHING/EVERYWHERE!!) & let your audience know in advance what you are planning to do.
Remind them a few days before the show AND ASK THEM to register for the show! 👨‍💻
Then send them a reminder 1h to 30 min before you kick off!

2️⃣ Do you as a brand have a budget for paid traffic? YES, you do!
Then shoot some ads to the internet with your live show info & a registration form. 🚀 Of course, make sure you’re targeting the right audience.

3️⃣ Do you as a brand lack consistent traffic to your website, have no online community on socials or simply want to reach a new audience from the start? 🤯
Well, this is the pricey option of course but, if this is your case, make use of retail media or a high quality influencer who can act as host & leverage the traffic they already have!

See? It was easier than you’d expect! But of course the work needs to be planned and most importantly done right! 😍 - and this is obvs what we at FREIM Studio are here for, to make your life easy! -

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