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How do I uninstall Reactive from my Shopify store?

This article will take you through the steps to remove the Reactive Live Shopping app from your Shopify Store.

1. Go to settings

After loging into your Shopify admin panel, you will need to visit Settings in the bottom left of the menu side bar.

Go to settings

2. Go to Apps and Sales Channels

You will then need to visit the Apps and sales channels page in the settings menu.

select apps and sales channels

3. Click "remove"

Next you will need to select the Remove option for the Reactive app on the Apps and sales channels page.

select remove

4. Confirm removal

Finally you need to check the box on "I understand the risks of uninstalling this sales channel." and click the Delete button. There is also the option to provide feedback. We at Reactive appreciate any feedback as we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best live selling tools and experiences possible.

check box to confirm and click delete

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