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How to replay an event on a single product page of your Shopify store

This article will take you through how to go live on a single product page on your Shopify store and then only replay your live event for customers who visit that same page.

  1. First you will need to start start a live stream in Reactive.
  2. Before you switch on GO-LIVE, you will want to configure the "Display on pages" option in the Stream Information panel to limit the live stream to a single page. Display on pages input To do this you will want to copy the /products/[product-name] part of the url for the product page you wish the stream to play on. An example is shown below: Copy the product path
  3. You will then need to paste the copied part of the url into the "Display on pages" input field and click the check mark button to save. Paste and save The example shown will only play on pages with a URL containing /products/summer-sandal. This includes any product variant pages with urls formatted as either /products/summer-sandal?variant=42598373064920 or /products/summer-sandal-yellow.
  4. Next you will switch on GO-LIVE to begin live streaming on your site. This will also begin the recording of your content.
  5. When you have finished streaming live, click the "End Stream" button, and you will be redirected to the Reactive Home screen.
  6. On the Reactive Home screen, your live stream will appear at the top of the "Recorded Streams" list, and when you click the "Replay on Site" button for that stream, your recorded live event will only play for customers who visit the page you originally live streamed on. Replay on site

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