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How to Set Up a Remote OBS Camera

How to Set Up a Remote OBS Camera

Remote cameras are useful when the host is in a different location than the OBS producer.

This support note describes how to set up a remote camera using OBS.Ninja. OBS.Ninja is free and does not require an install, it is browser-based.

How to Set Up a Remote OBS Camera using OBS.Ninja
  1. At the location of the remote host, open your browser and navigate to

  2. Select Add your Camera to OBS.

  3. Select your audio and video source

  4. Select the START button

  5. Copy the URL at the top of the screen

  6. Send the URL by your favorite method, e.g. txt or email, to the OBS producer.

  7. At the OBS location, open OBS

  8. Select an existing scene or create a new one. To create a scene, see the support article "How to Create an OBS Scene"

  9. Create a Source, + sign at the bottom of the Source window, lower left side of the screen, and select the "Browser" Source

  10. Under Create new, enter a name for the new Browser source and select ok

  11. Enter the URL sent by the remote host into the URL field, select Control audio via OBS to hear the sound, and select OK.

  12. The remote camera will now be showing in OBS.

  13. Resize and center the video to the Reactive Embed.

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