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How to configure your broadcasted video dimensions to match the Reactive embed

To get your video to look correctly on your site, you need to broadcast your video in the correct dimensions. This article shows you how to do so with OBS, but any streaming platform will be configured similarly. To set the correct video dimensions with OBS, you need to configure the OBS Base (Canvas) Resolution and Output (Scaling) Resolution to the size of the Reactive Embed.

Optimal video broadcast dimensions:

  • Width: 270px
  • Height: 480px

How to set the Base (Canvas) and Output (Scaling) Resolution

  1. Open OBS, and select "Settings" from the bottom right menu.

  2. Next, select "Video", and set the Base (Canvas) and the Output (Scaled) Resolutions to the size of the Reactive Embed, 270px X 480px. Select OK.

  3. The OBS Base Canvas is now set.

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