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Stream is not showing up on your site

If your stream is not showing on your site there a few easy things to try:

1. Refresh the page.

Try refreshing your site because if you went live after you visted your site the stream would not have loaded.

2. Make sure "GO LIVE" is switched on.

You may be able to see your stream content showing in the Reactive Producer view, but unless your swith on "GO LIVE" your stream will be hidden to all site visitors. Be sure to refresh your site after switching on "GO LIVE" to ensure it worked.Go live switch

3. Make sure you are viewing a streamable page.

In the Reactive Producer you are able to define what pages your stream plays on. The stream is visible on all pages by default, but if you defined a specific page or pages that the stream could play on, be sure you are on one of those pages to view the stream.

4. Look for typos when defining which pages your stream can play on.

If you defined a specific page or pages that your stream can be played on, make sure that there are no typos or misspellings in the definition formatting

What to do if none of the above solved the issue.

If none of the above solved the issue, there is a chance that another Shopify app is interfering with the Reactive app working properly or a chance that there is a bug or an outage in the Reactive app. Please reach out to and a representative will help you further troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing.

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