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Stream video not showing in the Reactive app

If you have started streaming in OBS or any other live streaming software but the video is not showing in the Reactive app, here are a few things that may resolve the issue.

1. Make sure your Stream Key and Server URL are correct.

Make sure you have the used the correct Reactive Stream Key and Server URL in your streaming software settings. You may still be using an old Reactive Stream Key or the Stream Key may have been reset due to updating a setting in the Reactive app.Stream Key and Server URL

1. Make sure you inputed your Stream Key and Server URL correctly.

Be sure that you didn't accidentally input the Reactive Stream Key where the Server URL goes and vice verca within your live streaming software settings.

2. Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

If your internet connection is week, Reactive may not be able to process your live stream since a week internet connection can cause intermittent breaks in video data transfer. If you are using OBS you can easily see the status of the data transfer in the bottom right. If the status is orange or red, you likely have a weak internet connection or no internet connection. If the status is green, then you likely have a strong internet connection and the issue is being caused elsewhere.Stream Key and Server URL

What to do if none of the above solved the issue.

If none of the above solved the issue, there is a chance that Reactive is experiencing an outage. Please reach out to and a representative will help you further troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing.

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