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Discount grab: increase conversion through gamified purchasing live shopping events.

Tired of low conversion rates and wish you could gamify purchasing? Try Reactive’s Discount grab.

Discount grab encourages compulsive buying by rewarding users who purchase the product quickest the most significant discount. It works like this:

  • Customers are given the option to purchase a product on a 30-second timer.
  • When they purchase, they'll get the highest discount available from a small exhaustible pool. When they receive the discount, it's removed from the pool.
  • The pool of discounts is also reduced by time. The largest discounts disappear whether they're claimed or not in 5 seconds. The second-largest in 10 seconds, and the third in 15 seconds.

Discount grab gamifies purchasing by making customers compete for the biggest discount. The discount codes used are also single-use and can't be abused or hijacked by other customers.

Discount grab improves over traditional discounts because it allows merchants to increase the volume of sales driven while only reducing the price for a small portion of users.

Sell more, sell faster, with Reactive.

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