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How does Reactive make shop-alongs effortless?

Shop-alongs have emerged as a go-to live shopping content strategy because they’re easy to produce and dramatically increase conversion and AOV during product releases and promotions.

Since Reactive is natively on your website, it’s easy to enhance your customer’s shopping experience with shop-alongs. In addition, Reactive provides three key features that make managing shop-alongs effortless:

  • Collections - add a group of products to the stream that your customers can browse and buy anytime.
  • Notifications - direct customers through a link to collection or product pages.
    • They make it easy to herd viewers to specific places.
    • They prevent customers from getting lost and detached from what's going on in the stream.
  • Direct link to product pages through Product Showcase – your customers can get the details of a product at the click of a button.

Looking to put on a shop-along this holiday season? Try out Reactive.

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