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What are shop-alongs?

You’ve read about them, you’ve heard about them, perhaps you have even watched one, but what are shop-alongs?

Traditionally, a shop-along is a research event where a company employee or interviewer joins a consumer for an in-person shopping trip and asks questions while that consumer browses a retail floor in order to secure insights about their products and the consumer's wishes and preferences.

In the world of ecommerce and social media, shop-alongs are live selling events where your customers shop along with an influencer as they are walked through your brand's products and website. Shop-alongs have emerged as a go-to live shopping marketing strategy for DTC brands because they’re easy to produce and dramatically increase conversion during product releases and promotions.

Furthermore, a shop-along event is a great way to truly execute an omnichannel ecommerce strategy where you can run paid ads to promote your event and activate lead capture tactics during the shop-along to ensure you can market to event attendees through email marketing campaigns.

A shop-along is a wonderful way for a brand to bring the personalized care of retail to your website visitors while also securing valuable data about what consumers think of your brand and its products.

Curious to see shop-alongs in action? Check out these live-selling events from M.M. LaFleur, Mindzai, and Zippy Balisong using Reactive.

Reactive is best positioned to host shop-alongs since our app exists as a native experience on your website. Take your website, an engaging and talented influencer, their audience and following, and Reactive to concoct the perfect recipe to make shop-alongs a core strategy for your brand’s marketing needs.

Start your free trial now, or contact to request a live demo.

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