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How to stream simultaneously on Reactive and TikTok

To stream simultaneously on Reactive and TikTok you can use Restream is a live broadcasting software that allows you to stream simultaneously to multiple destinations.

1. Create a Restream account

Go to Restream and create an account

2. Connect Reactive to Restream

Follow the instructions here to connect Reactive to Restream.

Note: Each Reactive Stream Key is valid for one session only so you need to update the Reactive Stream Key in Restream each time before you go live!

3. Connect TikTok to Restream

To connect TikTok to Restream you will need an RTMP URL and RTMP Stream Key for your TikTok account.

  1. Go to TikTok to get your stream URL and stream key
  2. To configure the TikTok destination in Restream, go to your Restream home page and select Add Destination.
  3. Select Custom RTMP from the Platforms menu
  4. Enter the stream key and RTMP URL from TikTok into the Custom RTMP form
  5. Select Add Channel, and Close to return to the Restream home page

4. Go Live

  1. Open Restream and select "Start with Studio"
  2. Select Go Live
  3. Open Reactive and select "Go Live"
  4. The live stream from Restream will now be seen on Reactive and TikTok

Note: To Connect Reactive to Instagram see this support article

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