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3 Marketing Facts Super Bowl Ads Prove

Last year, 99 million people watched the Super Bowl. According to a survey conducted in 2021, 43% of viewers tuned in just to watch the commercials. Doing some basic math, that means over 40 million people watched very expensive national TV ads at the same time. What was the cost of these eyes? Well, last year that price tag was $7 million for a 30-second spot!

While only a small percentage of companies could even afford this type of spend, it is a very good indicator of how brand awareness does not directly contribute to sales, much like most smaller brands and their social media and influencer strategies.

According to MediaPost, a Mitto-coordinated poll of 1,000 individuals shared that only 23% would make a purchase based on a Super Bowl ad. Can you imagine spending $7 million on one ad campaign knowing that less than a quarter of those people would even consider buying, let alone actually make a purchase?

The amazing polling results go further than that. That same poll shared that 55% preferred being approached in a personalized, consistent way over the course of a year as opposed to one campaign. And this is why we at Reactive found this article and poll so intriguing.

Much like our opinions of an ecommerce store’s approach to their website, their social media and influencer marketing, these large-scale brand campaigns reflect thoughts about a consumer that are no longer true. Here are three truths about today’s consumers that Super Bowl ads reveal:

1. Brand loyalty is dead

In so many ways this is true, but at the very least, brand loyalty has transformed from what it used to be. The reason is that thanks to ecommerce and its complementary industries, today’s consumer has access to an unlimited number of purchase options, can observe customer reviews to make informed decisions, and the transition to ecommerce has removed the personal customer service experience that retail provided.

2. Consumers hate ads

Even though Super Bowl ads are a time where amazing storytelling and advertising can be seen, a consumer sees so many ads per day on their computer and phone that they avoid them at all costs. $7 million-dollar one-time ads move the buying needle for less than a quarter of all Super Bowl viewers. There’s your proof.

3. Personalization is more valuable than ever

Today’s world is extremely segmented and difficult to effectively market to, especially with a large-scale brand campaign like a Super Bowl ad. Your viewer doesn’t want to be thought of as one of 99 million people to watch an ad. They want an experience that feels curtailed to their needs and wants.

This is exactly why Reactive exists. When a potential customer comes to your website, they should feel like your company is going to walk them through the entire process of making the most seamless purchase they have ever experienced. That’s what our live selling software does. That multi-million dollar Super Bowl ad may bring them to your website, but it doesn’t bring them to the checkout page. Reactive does.

While an amazing Super Bowl ad may be enjoyed by millions and win an advertising agency a respected industry award for its design, the simple truth is they reflect a world where advertising dictated every single consumer purchase that people made. That world no longer exists. Today's modern consumer wants to see product videos on social from current users. They want to compare similar products for quality and affordability. And again, they want a personalized and interactive relationship with the companies they buy from. We want that for them too.

If you are interested in bringing a live selling experience to your website, check out Reactive. Start your free trial now, or contact to request a live demo.

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