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Introducing Replays from Reactive

Want the dramatic boost in sales conversion from selling live all the time?

Introducing Replays from Reactive. Replays let you repeat your live events with full interactivity; customers won't know you’re not live. The replay is “living” and as your customers interact with it; it will update and grow. Reactive instantly transforms live events into replays after each stream. After you go live, you’ll be able to start a replay on your site at the click of a button.

Why does this matter? It allows you to effortlessly use and maximize the value of the content you make effectively.

With replays you can:

  • Drive sales conversion during the entire length of your product launch or promotion – Merchants can go live on the Friday of a holiday and then replay that stream for the entire weekend.
  • Electrify your product and landing pages with high-converting evergreen content – Extract the moments when a product was showcased during the live event for use on its product page. The human connection from the host and the engagement from the interactions drive your customers to buy in a more significant way than static images and text ever could.
  • Generate invaluable data for your marketing and customer service efforts – as your customers interact with the replay; they make data that you can use to smarten your business processes. Think 1-st party customer preference data, email lead capture, and more!

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